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Specialising in producing music that captures the essence of your brand, project & vision. My clients rely on me to create unique, effective, and innovative compositions that connect with their audience, helping them to be recognised and memorable.


Browse my portfolio to see an array of successful projects, ranging from global marketing campaigns, to production for local musicians. 


Let's take your next project to the next level.

Global marketing campaign - Children's action figure

Briefed to create a soundscape for a Children's action figure marketing campaign. Asked to use modern action cinema as the inspiration to create energy, excitement, rises and tension. Created using a multitude of virtual instruments and audio effects.

Screenshot 2023-09-17 at 17.23.47.png

National marketing campaign - Gym brand promo

A collection of short social media promotional content. These were recorded on lapel microphones within a large empty warehouse with hard floors and tall ceilings. I was approached and tasked with creating a much cleaner environment for the audio, along with eliminating bleed from the two separate recordings to effect the dynamic of the sound.

Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 20.10.09.png

Short movie soundtrack - Music production

Produced for an indie folk duo for their music to be used to soundtrack a short movie. The audio was captured by the musicians at their homes with no specialised space or equipment. Mixed and mastered to studio standard, producing a clear and concise final sound, while maintaining the rawness of the capture to add warmth and sincerity to the sound.

Screenshot 2023-09-20 at 16.52.09.png

Album production - Independent musicians

During the covid lockdowns of 2020, I got to work with Teylu - a Cornish folk duo, helping them with the production of their incredible album 'At Home'. 

'At Home' was recorded in isolation, at home (as the name suggests). The musicians used home recording techniques to capture their sound, but relied heavily on the production to bring it to studio quality. I was also able to add some further instrumentation of my own playing in my home studio, which helped to add a more solid base for their stories to be told on.


National marketing campaign - Lifestyle promo

TEAL WATERSPORTS approached me needing music to accompany their lifestyle videos for national marketing. I was briefed with creating something that would compliment the laid back vibe of their product shoot. Set on the gorgeous coastline of Cornwall, the results were impeccable.

Screenshot 2023-09-17 at 19.06_edited.png
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