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   Having always enjoyed listening to music from a young age, my fondest memories are all soundtracked by the album I had in my walkman at the time. It became very apparent to me that I was not just content listening to music, but needed to find a way to express myself through frequency. 

   At the age of 7, guitar lessons started. This was the first step in being able to understand deeper what it was about music that touched me so deeply. The level of articulation that can be achieved through a well written and mixed song transcends any written or spoken word. Forever will I be on a path to further my understanding of music, and searching for sound and feeling. 

   Listed below is a list of musical work and qualifications. 


Album/EP production

4 years experience

Musical Collaboration

12 years experience


6 years experience

Mixing / Mastering

Spring/Summer 2018

6 years experience

Sharps Brewery

Summer '18

- Working closely with musicians, hearing their needs, and exceeding their expectations.
-Recording capabilities available where needed.
- Present throughout the entire process of creation and production.
- Precise mixing and mastering.
- Previous projects include albums, EP's and motion picture soundtracks.

- Example of E.P produced for Teylu

- Collaborating with musicians from local areas and further.

- Session work across multiple instruments and softwares. 

- Mixing and mastering. 

- Song writing and creative brainstorming sessions.

- Working remotely over teams and zoom to 

- Available to work remotely for clients around the world
- Constant availability for discussion to ensure needs are being met
- Able to receive and work on any level of recording, from home captures, to studio quality
- Specialised in giving industry sounding precision to projects
- Able to assist with post release distribution

- Responsible for creating unique and tailored commercial soundtracking for summer promotional content

- Working under restrictive briefs with tight timescales, to more open briefs with freedom allowances

- Constant communication between media team and myself to ensure the product is on brand with clear marketing intent

- Summer marketing campaign with product central to content

- Creative freedoms permitted in brief with main concern that the music met brand image and product story

- Minimal time constraints due to capturing footage the previous summer to product launch

- Example of one of the projects we created.

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