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Album/EP production

10 years experience

- Working closely with musicians, hearing their needs, and exceeding their expectations.

-Recording capabilities available where needed.

- Present throughout the entire process of creation and production.

- Precise mixing and mastering.

- Previous projects include albums, EP's and motion picture soundtracks.

Example of E.P produced for Teylu

Musical Collaboration

12 years experience

14 years experience

- Collaborating with musicians from local areas and further.

- Session work across multiple instruments

and softwares. 

- Mixing and mastering. 

- Song writing and creative brainstorming sessions remotely and in person.

- Working remotely over teams and zoom to 

Mixing / Mastering

10 years experience

- Available to work remotely for clients around the world

- Constant availability for discussion to ensure needs are being met

- Able to receive and work on any level of recording, from home captures, to

studio quality

- Specialised in giving industry sounding precision to projects

- Able to assist with post release distribution

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