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Thank you for taking the time to look at my application

Further down this page, I have prepared a quick overview of skills and knowledge I feel would be useful for this role

Rob Sheppard

Rainbow Six Siege Audio Designer (Internship)

Having been a huge fan and active player of R6 Siege since the launch in 2014, when I saw your job opening on LinkedIn I felt it was an opportunity too great to ignore. Barcelona is a city I am very fond of, having visited multiple times, and have been learning Spanish for the past 12 months, eager to immerse myself in the Catalonian region.

I hope that you see in my professional CV submitted via LinkedIn, that I am a hardworking and loyal individual, working my way up in each company that has taken the decision to employ me. 

Sound design has always been a passion of mine, and something that I have continued to work on over the years, launching my own audio solutions business, robshepmusic.

Creative CV

Music Technology A-Level
Music Performance A-Level
Sound Design
Music Composition
Mixing & Mastering
Loudness Correction
Music Licensing
Communicating with clients
Sound fx
Soundtracking to visuals
Logic Pro
Pro Tools
Time management
Team Player
Self Starter
Creative problem solving
Tech literate & quick to learn

Investing in myself over the past decade has allowed me to grow my own business while maintaining a career in retail and business management. Though I lack Higher Education qualifications, I truly believe I have enough of an understanding to get started, and I know in myself there is enough drive and determination to excel and grow in any role. Strong communication, and an eye for development and growth has ensured that I have progressed in my career, but I feel the time has come to throw myself into my passion and grasp this fantastic opportunity.

I have prepared below a musical composition to accompany the menu animation from Ember Rise (Y4S3).

Drawing inspiration from the original game audio from Ember Rise, I've decided to build around the ambience of the environment, beginning with a scattering of regional instruments, putting more emphasis on the musical ambience of the piece.

The tribal style rhythm is used as both a driver in the rhythm, and a break. It also serves as a lift to give guidance to the mood of the sound.

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