pick the 

apples from the trees


Breeze is a short original music piece supported by visuals created by FoliageCreative, a content creation brand from the U.K. The idea behind the song was to experiment with very basic musical ideas and technique, given life through effects to align with the video content. 

You and I

Will watch the flowers in the breeze

C0780.00_13_16_71.Still003 copy.jpg

You and I will pick the apples from the trees,

and you and I will watch the flowers in the breeze,

and I know well, I know well that you won't want to stay tonight but,

Just for now we'll watch the flowers in the;


Summer time is the timing,

summer nights are the brightest,

and I can't wait to be with you,

(in) the sun was shining, the sun was shining


is the timing