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An indie folk duo based in Cornwall, their music offers a journey through familiar feeling and tone, while transforming traditional understandings of folk music in structure and sound. 

Most recently, we worked together on their new album, At Home. Like all of our collaborative work, recording was done in isolation, and received for mixing and mastering. Check out the finished product streaming now.

Raw, authentic emotion cuts through in this album. Emphasis was put on how the two voices would play around and intertwine one another through the record, whilst acknowledging the delicate and thoughtful instrumental pieces.

Image by Jake Hinds

We have worked with Rob on a number of projects, including the soundtrack for a film and an album. On our soundtrack 'Ow Tos Tre', Rob was really approachable and was happy to have regular communication with us throughout the process. He made an effort to understand the feeling we were aiming for with the soundtrack, which was important to us as our songs have an emotional quality. For every idea we had he shared our energy and enthusiasm and brought it to life. We are thrilled with the standard of the songs and will definitely be returning to Rob in the future for all our production needs.

Back in 2020, Teylu contacted me after being approached with an exciting opportunity. They were tasked with rewriting a selection of their existing music, into the extremely rare Cornish language. The language became extinct back in the late 1700's, and has since seen a revival effort from historians and passionate Cornish. All of this work had to be done in isolation during the first U.K lockdown. It was such an amazing collaboration to get to be a part of. The movie has since gone on to be showcased at festivals around the globe, and is currently streaming on iPlayer.

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"The sincerity of sound breaks through the language barrier, leaving the listener in a warm nostalgia"


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