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Updated: Feb 7, 2019

The world is continuously moving into an age where people have everything at their fingertips, instantly accessible. We are subject to so much information everyday. Hundreds of thousands of little bits of data for our minds to absorb every second we flick through our iPhone. A lot of this information reaches our consciousness through the mediums of social networking.

Social Networks are a great way for people to stay in touch, share thoughts and opinions, and discover new. They have also become the new home of sharing art. It is absolutely the most efficient way of creating a fan base (a group of individuals that enjoy your art, and are happy to 'sign up' to see your updates). For music, the internet was never really considered much of a friend. In the earlier days, if you were a small time musician trying to make a splash, you only really had platforms of outlet which were very limited in who would use them. Platforms like soundcloud remain very much an important part in the indie music scene, giving independent musicians the space to share their craft with other like minded people, but continues to lack audiences big enough to help elevate a lot of the musicians to a place in the publics awareness to allow them to create a living from selling their music.

All social media is good opportunity for a creative to share their work. In my opinion Instagram has to be the most efficient. By sharing a post, and using a couple of relevant hashtags, you instantly put your work in a realm where millions of like minded people have access to it. Of course, a lot gets missed and passed by in the rush of the information highway. It does seem though, that versus the difficulties i have found with facebook, and being seen by a unique audience that hasn't been subject to your work before, it is very difficult to achieve this unless through paid promotion. (a lot of my opinions will be based on ignorance of fact, it is probably very easy to achieve this on Facebook, but i have no fucking idea).

I would recommend to any creative, not just musician, that if you have art to share, and what to give the world a peak; sign up to instagram, set up a page dedicated to it, and have lots of fun meeting and communicating with likeminded individuals.

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