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Reverb is of huge importance in nearly every instance of music. Everything is reverb. This makes it hugely important to have industry standard reverb at your fingertips (or in this case, at your toe tips).

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The strymon big sky is a huge statement in the world of reverb. While strymon specialise in polished effects for guitar, their pedals can always be utilised for so much more. To begin though, we will go over it's main use; a guitar pedal.

From tight spring reverbs, to huge open cavernous spaces, the Big Sky can achieve it all. With what feels like hundreds of controllable parameters, it puts the user in direct control of everything. This means shaping the reverb effect that you're going after becomes completely in your hands (which would be nice if you knew what the hell you were doing). I'll be honest, I've used this pedal loads, but rarely ventured out of the presets that it comes with. This is of course in part due to them all being insanely well articulated, but also as the many changeable parameters are controlled by the 8 nobs at the top right, it can also become a painfully confusing process. Many more hours are needed to understand the full power of this piece of kit.

As already stated, reverb is a hugely important element to all kinds of music. Strymon and their pedals are designed and marketed with guitarists in mind, but these pedals are game changes whatever the instrument. Vocals through the big sky are great. The tonality of the different reverb settings are smooth and rich. By putting the mix all the way to 100, you can achieve some really crazy vocal captures as well. It's things like this that can really keep a song and mix interesting; setting it aside from the main stream of content. Anything that can be mic'd, can be Big Sky'd. Woodwind and brass sounds vibrant and colourful through the swell and bloom reverb spaces. Inspiration isn't hard to come by when using this pedal. The sounds and effects you can get out of this blue box will make you re-evaluate how you once felt about reverb and what it could do.

The Big Sky is a great addition to anyones pedalboard. The one stop for reverb. While it is fairly sizeable (Dimensions: 6.75″ (171mm) wide, 5.1″ (130mm) deep) and will take up valuable space in a pedalboard, it is definitely worth making the cut to that trusty but rarely used flanger, or that beat up old phaser to accommodate this reverb plethora. It also has stereo input & output which is sometimes a breaker, especially for you effected guitarists or ambient musicians. I will hopefully make a video shortly, demonstrating some of the cool sounds and uses of the pedal, as well as demonstrating it's usability and usefulness in pedalboards and mixes.

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