Working with companies

In the summer of 2018 i spent my months working with an array of local companies, alongside my day job, creating original music to be used in their promotional content. It was a fantastic summer, probably the best one weather wise I have ever known in my life. A good friend of mine had just started a company with the aim to offer companies a complete creative package. You could book a crew of local collaborative creatives, to film, edit, produce and soundtrack company promotions. We were booked for a whole array of work throughout the summer, ranging from product promotions, marketing campaigns, and even informative short films and documentaries.

Being based in Cornwall, we had access to some of the most beautiful parts of the country for the filming process. Local companies had increased their marketing budgets in order to capture the attention and imagination of the arriving holiday makers, and it was down to us to deliver the message and bottle the inspiration. We helped big and small business, locally and nationally. We worked with tight restraints of time, and creativity, and also had some projects where we were given complete creative control. Any time a strict brief was presented, we offered constant communication with the client to ensure that we were on the same page throughout the whole process, and if anything changed from their needs, we did not hesitate in accommodating it within our work.


Here is an example of one of the product lifestyle videos we were responsible for producing. This demonstrates a project where we were afforded a lot of freedoms creatively, which made playing to our strengths possible. After researching the brand, and seeing the footage that had been shot, I realised straight away the feel and emotion that was necessary to communicate through the content. A relaxed, laid back beat, accompanied with some soulful chords and layered with vocals, would really work in the feeling of being out in the fresh air and help the viewer imagine themselves in the situation of the models.

It's Not What You Know......

Through our time working together, it wasn't all hanging out at the seaside and shooting fun content. We had many occasions where time constraints were tough... really tough. Situations where companies would decide that the music wasn't right for the content, and I would have a couple of days to write, record, mix and master an entirely new original piece that would align more with their vision and values. Other occasions would see us get cancelled on right at the last minute after preparing everything we needed for a project. I am extremely lucky to know who I know, in order to be given these opportunities. My friend is extremely hard working, highly motivated, strong interpersonal skills, and a fantastically fun energy to be around. The amount of hours he spent contacting businesses, finding us new clients and growing our own brand and network cannot be underestimated.

My message to anyone wanting to get into this work. It can be tough, you can have huge creative differences with who you might have to work for/with. Some companies can and will treat you as very expendable, cancelling at the last second etc. I will say it again, I was very lucky with how i found the work, and not everyone can have a friend that comes to them and trusts them to get the job done.

If you have any questions surrounding my work in marketing for brands, please get in touch through the contact form. I will try and help in any way I can. If there's one thing to take from this however, it's that you can do it. Whatever it is you are looking to do, you can. You just need to be patient with yourself and others, and never stop heading in the direction necessary.