Creating Unique Guitar Sounds

Finding certain sounds with your instruments can serve as ultimate inspiration for a creative session when at a block. Having tools at your disposal can help amplify this wave of creativity. Often, I will sit with only my guitar and pedal board, and an entire recording session comes out of it, often being spurred by a single sound created on the guitar. I have found having pedals to be both an advantage, and major disadvantage when creating. There has been an awful amount of times where I have ended up going missing for hours just fiddling around with all the different possibilities having an effect chain gives you. On certain pedals [like the big sky], you have levels of control that are often excessive and sometimes overwhelming. However, spending a bit of time on these pedals, sticking on certain effects and altering the different controllable parameters of the reverb can lead you down a guided path to having a full track.


Having the right pedals is important, but having them in the right palaces is paramount to creating beautifully crafted sound. The major issue with this is that there isn't actually necessarily a right way to set up a running order of pedals. A lot is based on the type of sound you are looking to create, mixed with a bit of personal preference. Personally, I tend to always start a pedal chain with a volume pedal. The ease of control this gives you over the volume of the whole sound is great. Also if there is a need to swap a guitar over, you won't get any loud pops when changing the lead over from instrument, to instrument. It is also common place to put the volume pedal at the end of the chain, meaning you are controlling the completed signal, instead of the dry guitar signal. Personally, I don't find this works for me, especially in the scenario of changing instruments over, as if you have any reverb or delay on the chain, these will react to the pops, so when turning the signal back up, you may have a lot of bleed from these sounds until they disperse.

Current running order

Volume > Compressor > Delay > Reverb > Superego [modifier] > EQ > Looper



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