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Video content is often lessened in its effect on the viewer as it is mistaken that the visuals are the most important of the content. This can lead to videos not having enough emphasis of detail in its audio, and appearing unprofessional and unfinished.


Having music tailored to the video helps carry the contents message, and deliver a much more impactful experience on the viewer. Much like a video editor uses transitions and effects to carry the visuals, it's important that the audio matches up to these moments and moves itself along with the content.


The track below is an example of a track commissioned for a product launch for a tech company. The modern sounds of synthesisers, mixed with movement in  the sounds help to assist the futuristic narrative.

Tech Example

These are some further examples in work I have done for clients and used across different areas of marketing and brand image content for social media. 

When creating a piece for marketing, it's important that thought is put into the sounds used. Instruments and effects can help to translate messages that otherwise might not be achieved. 

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Now, more than ever, artists are being forced to reconsider how they record and produce their music. Studios are harder to get booked into, and the price of production is only going up, becoming increasingly less affordable for musicians.


Offering a scope of services for production, I aim to assist all artists and musicians regardless of their budget, and present an opportunity to create records that speak to the listener, with intent. 

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