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Based in Truro, I am central in Cornwall in an easy location to reach. With a space to record, I am able to have local musicians over to record, mix and master their work for them, giving them demos for their own portfolio and a way to monetise their craft. I have also worked with recognised corporations and local business', creating unique and bespoke pieces of music to soundtrack their needs. 

With the accessibility that the internet provides us, it also enables me to work with, and for other musicians and companies across the world. Services offered to both those clientele types vary as I am open to discussion to ensure the highest quality outcome, for all parties. 

Music was my first love. I got a guitar at 7 and continue to learn and understand more about the craft everyday. Every opportunity to work on a project, is a chance to create something unique and interesting. Driving the interest and emotions of a message to get the content seen and remembered.

Below on this homepage follows my creative resumé, links to socials, and a contact form. Located elsewhere on the site sits my creative portfolio, containing both audio, and video content created for personal and professional use.

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Music Career Development


2018 - Present

I have worked with a range of musicians, helping aide their content creation for their social media accounts. This ranges from recording and editing visual and audio, to helping with marketing and merchandising. I look to add examples of this work in the near future.


November 2020 - Present

The whole process, from recording to pressing. Most recently, I have worked with Teylu Music, a well established folk duo, responsible for recording, mixing and mastering their new album.


January 2018 - Present

Clients from around the world have sent me recordings anywhere in the production process, to be worked on. Some examples of this have been used in marketing, youtube, streaming services.
Most recently, I have worked with a folk quartet, mixing and mastering their work to be used as a movie soundtrack.



Responsible for creating unique and tailored commercial soundtracking for summer promotional content. From working under restrictive briefs with tight timescales, to more open briefs with freedom allowances. 

Styles included;



Projects include;

-Cornwall Air Ambulance promotional documentary

-Manu Bay drink promotion



SUP board company. Music used for marketing videos and promotional content. Very open brief. Only restraint was time. 
-SUP board promo



Local wetsuit company based in Newquay. Needed music for commercial and marketing purposes.
- Gentle listening
Wetsuit informational video

Live Performance

September 2010 - May 2012

College band. Put on gigs, booked support acts, arranged equipment hire, wowed audiences. 5 piece experimental group doing popular covers including; scissor sisters, B52s, Fleetwood Mac, Marvin Gaye, Porcupine Tree. Also a selection of fun and considered originals.

Musical Collaboration

January 2018 - Present

For just over a year now, i have been collaborating with local musicians and others from further afield. Ranging from working and writing alongside other musicians (either locally or over the internet), to recording, mixing and mastering original tracks for them. I enjoy all sounds of music which enables me to not just 'work' with/for other musicians, but enjoy the task at hand and afford care and attention to it.



All enquiries are welcomed.



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