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sound to move your content

sound to move your content

Accomplish a Higher Quality in Sound

Whether it's creating unique audio for your visuals, recording and producing your next single, or treating audio in the post stage, make sure you get the highest quality in sound. 

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Specialising in audio solutions and creating music that moves people. Pairing musical experience, along with my knowledge of mixing and mastering, gives me the ability to create bespoke soundtracking options for marketing content, as well as being an alternative for musicians looking to create a professionally produced single or album. Based in Cornwall in the U.K, I have worked with clients, both locally and around the globe, helping them to make their content stand out and capture the attention of their audience. 

Many times, focus is put on the visuals when creating content for marketing, whether on social media, or streaming platforms. My aim is to put the same degree of emphasis on your audio, elevating the viewing experience above and beyond most other content. 

Using a blend of analogue and digital techniques to create industry leading sound for your project. My clients happiness is held central in everything I do, keeping open clear and concise channels of communication from start to end. I look forward to hearing from you, and seeing what beautiful content we can create, together.

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"Rob's bespoke tailored tracks were a vital component of our Summer campaigns for our new range. His ability to capture the essence of our brand and products through music was truly remarkable. Rob delivered high-quality tracks that complemented visuals, enhancing the overall impact of our campaigns"

TEAL Watersports

"For every idea we had he shared our energy and enthusiasm and brought it to life. We are thrilled with the standard of the songs and will definitely be returning to Rob for all our production needs" 

Molly & Harriet


"Rob's mastery of audio has been a critical component of our recent campaign for EvolveYou. His audio skills have transformed our audio captures into a polished and immersive experience that truly engages our audience"

Foliage Creative Studios

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Tasked to create a soundscape and musical score for a Childs action figure marketing campaign. It had to be fast paced, high intensity, whilst also creating tension and adding to key moments within the visuals. Using modern sound design techniques on digital synthesisers to use there instrumentation as a way to add to the soundfx.

E.P mixed and mastered for Teylu, a folk duo from Cornwall. Collaborating with 4 different musicians during the lockdowns of the Covid-19 pandemic, all recordings had to be done at home in isolation. These recordings were then sent over to me to work on. Communication was essential as we were unable to be with each other throughout the production process.

Social media content created for a fitness and lifestyle show in the style of a quick fire interview with an influencer. The location used was an empty warehouse with high ceilings. This meant the audio capture was full of echo and reverb that was unwanted. The audio was also captured on a single microphone, causing a real lack of space and depth in the recording. Using a whole variety of sound tools, I was able to create a clean, dynamic listening experience, with depth and dimension added to the 2 roles.

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Get the highest quality in sound on your project, and find out how we can elevate your content, together.


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